19 Oct 2022

Key Handing Over

A common question that always confuses our mind. When you are planning to relocate, several options will be available for you. And you have to pick the best from it. Let’s check the best and worst of both buying an apartment and building a home. In the case of money, buying an apartment will be far better than building a home. Because, when we are planning to build a home, we will have a series of the to-do list with us. Building home demands constant monitoring of the construction process. From finding a suitable place to building the home, the step by step process will hang on and, it will be an expensive process. And plenty of builders offer down payment facilities these days. So while considering the investment, it’s better to buy an apartment instead of building a home. You can find apartments, mostly in city areas where you can find all the facilities that make your living easier. But when we think about the customization, building a home will score the points. We can build it in the way as we need it. But now builders are introducing the concept of making customized apartments as we build a home.

Now, while talking about reselling, apartments seem easier for selling as they have several amenities. They always have a demand in the market. But the matter is if we own land, it’s purely ours and if it is an apartment, then only a part of the building will be ours. We need to do maintenance works to our building accordingly to keep it away from getting old. In apartments, the maintenance works will be the responsibility of the Resident Welfare Association. But for the maintenance of our own built house, you have to do it by yourself. In the apartment, they will provide security and safety measures, and in our house, we need to fix the insecurity problems on our own. Apartments have several amenities and features, and we can’t find that much in our home. Building a home is our responsibility, and making an apartment is the developer’s responsibility. According to that, buying an apartment will be easier for us. TC-ONE SKYWALK presents 35+ amenities in their apartments and has situated in the middle of the city. You can enjoy all the facilities from there, along with assuring a living in a beautiful environment. SKYWALK also provides the 5% down payment offer on buying their apartments.

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