19 Oct 2022

Key Handing Over

Since ancient times, shelter has been one of the most basic needs of humans. The oldest human used to dwell in caves . The caves are a marvel of nature. It is in this cave that the story of mankind begins. The caves are natural hiding places for humans to escape from rains, winds, thunder and lightning. It was here that human began to live as a family and started making homes. They started living together in one house. Inconvenience of overcrowding was solved by migrating to different homes. With the possibility of work, Comfort, Lifestyle People started migrating from rural areas to cities for their work purposes. When the demand for basic needs increased, home and related amenities began unaffordable. With the arrival of state-of-the-art apartments, the city life began more comfortable for the people. Compared with an independent house, an apartment is more pocket friendly. This is one of the reasons why the demand for apartments is increasing and flats are rising in every city. Since the flats are located in the Centre of the city, all the needs of human beings are being met unhindered, leading people to the dream of their own home. A flat ensures the safety of elderly and children. Security systems help to maintain a fear free environment. All these are few of the reasons for the launching of T.C One SkyWalk Apartment In the heart of Calicut.

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